RC Associates Ltd started in March 1984

RC Associates Ltd was started by Robert Croft in March 1984 in response to a growing need for a distinctly professional and creative consultancy service specialising in the foodservice industry. Robert Croft has established an international reputation for management and design consultancy services throughout all sectors of the foodservice and hospitality industries.

The company has grown steadily from its founding, having identified a demand for a more individual and personal consultancy service. We have developed international practice in Germany, Scandinavia, and Iceland, all of which operate under the control of RC Associates Ltd.

Our approach to individual projects, taking full responsibility for all aspects of the project, balances this personal attention with the support of a multi-disciplinary team which is assembled for that particular project, bringing together the mix of speciality skills it requires. Even when only one discipline is involved directly, the resource of a team, all of whom have practical operational and management experience, allows a broader yet deeper perspective to be gained of the client's needs and the implications.

We offer our clients on all projects, irrespective of size:

  • Professionalism: To develop a relationship of mutual respect
  • Diversity: A wide range of skills and experience available to all clients
  • Objectivity: To develop practical solutions based upon sound, objective analysis
  • Innovation: To develop creative solutions, not just as an initiator but also as a catalyst
  • Accountability: We are fully accountable for our recommendations and will assist with implementing them where called upon.