Current Projects

*Good Earth Group, London - Management/Design Consultancy (Chinese Restaurant group)

OANDO Plc – Lagos, Nigeria - Management/Design Consultancy 16 Floor Office Blocks – 2016/17

*Volkswagen Kaluga Russia – Design, Training and Audit Consultancy - 2012/14/15/16/17

Temooljee Co.Ltd, Victoria, Seychelles -  Management/Design Consultancy from 2012/13/14/17/18

We also have further projects under review following proposals submitted that have not yet been awarded. Decisions about these projects will be known in mid 2018

Existing and completed Project File

  GIZ – Afghanistan                                                               Exeter College

*Aberdeen City Council (Leisure & Catering Division)             *Aberdeen University

*Southampton University                                                       *Imperial College, London

  Glasgow City Council                                                          *British Airways Clubs, Heathrow

*Holiday Inns CHIC, UK                                                       *Queen's Moat Houses, UK

*Shell UK Ltd – Ellesmere Port                                              *Ministry of Health, Iceland

*Hagkaup Supermarkets, Iceland                                            *ISAL, Iceland

*Royal Alexandra Hospital, Glasgow                                      *BASF, Ludwigshafen, Germany

*Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg, Germany                                 *CP Portugal – Ministry of Transport,

*Reismar Restaurantes LDA – Lisbon, Portugal                       Wintershall AG, Germany and Libya

*Bio-Catering - Kassel Germany                                            *Branston Golf and Country Club

*Hilton Hotels Park Lane                                                      *Sodexo (VW, Kaluga, Russia)

*- denotes Cook-Chill/Freeze System Technology

Many other projects have been completed or are in progress and can be referred to for reference purposes if required.


References can be made available as required:

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